Cancer Surgery

Unfortunately, cancers or tumours can occur anywhere in the body and when a cancer or tumour is diagnosed, it is a very frightening experience for the person and their family and friends.

Once a diagnosis of a cancer or tumour is made, the person and their loved ones want an early assessement and treatment of the problem by an experienced cancer specialist.

Presently in New Zealand, as set out by the National Cancer Plan, cancers or tumours are managed by cancer specialists in a group or multidisciplinary setting called the MDT(MultiDisciplinary Team). The cancer specialists involved in the MDT include:

  • Surgeons
  • Oncologists(chemotherapy doctors)
  • Radiotherapists(Xray treating doctors)
  • Radiologists(Xray doctors)

The MDT meeting allows the cancer specialists to meet and discuss each person and come up with the best plan of treatment for them.

At WKS Surgery, we believe in a rapid and careful assessment, and discuss each person with other cancer specialists in a multidisciplinary setting (MDT) to maximise outcomes for the individual.



At WKS Surgery, we have a wealth of surgical experience in abdominal cancer, and have operated on over 500 complex cancer cases over the last 20 years. We specialise and have an expertise in cancers and tumours of the

  • liver, bile duct and gallbladder
  • pancreas
  • foodpipe(oesophagus) and stomach
  • abdomen

At WKS Surgery, we also have a cancer research programme and are closely linked with the Gillies McIndoe Research Institute(GMRI), which is a world class research facility.

We have a particular research interest in the causes of cancer of the colon, liver and pancreas.

We believe that by undertaking research into the way these cancers behave and spread, it will allow us to deliver better and more efficient treatments to the public in the future.



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