Hernia Surgery

A hernia is a defect or “hole” in the abdominal wall or muscle and can occur anywhere in the abdomen, and depending on where it occurs it has a different name:

  • groin – inguinal or femoral hernia
  • umbilicus(tummy button) – umbilical hernia
  • upper abdomen – epigastric hernia
  • previous surgical scar – incisional hernia

The problem with a hernia is that because there is a “hole” in the abdominal wall, there is a potential chance that something in the abdomen such as a piece of intestine or fat can come out of the abdominal space and get stuck in the “hole” or hernia. This can lead to loss of blood supply (gangrene) of that piece of intestine or fat that is stuck in the “hole” or hernia, and this is hazardous to the person’s health. Therefore, when a hernia is diagnosed, your doctor will recommend a operation to fix the hernia or “hole”.

At WKS Surgery, we have experience in repairing all types of hernia using both keyhole and open operations. Most of the time, an operation to fix or repair a hernia is quick and easy and most people stay in hospital overnight.

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