Obesity Surgery

There is currently an epidemic of obesity in western society which is promoted by our lifestyle and environment. Obesity can lead to a significant loss of quality of life and a number of medical problems including

  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure(hypertension)
  • high blood fats(dyslipidemia)
  • polycystic ovarian disease
  • gout
  • cancer

Unfortunately, the majority of methods to lose and control weight such as diet, exercise and behaviour modification are known to fail for most individuals. Surgery to control obesity has gained popularity as the best way to control weight.

Contemplating surgery to control your weight is a big decision for most people and at WKS Surgery, we believe in a team approach to help you decide whether surgery is for you

Nowadays, a number of different weight loss operations are available to control weight. At WKS Surgery, we specialise in the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (which is a keyhole operation) and have had an extensive experience of this operation over many years.

We work in a multidisciplinary way , which means you will be seen and cared for by a team of experts including surgeon, dietitian, counsellor, anasethetist and lifestyle coach.

At WKS Surgery, we are heavily involved in research and are closely affiliated with Gillies McIndoe Research Institute(GMRI), which is a world class research facility in Wellington.
We have a strong research interest in obesity and the cause of diabetes, this is a hot topic at the moment. By undertaking research into these areas, we are excited at the prospect of discovering new ways to treat these conditions.

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